theC47 gear

This is equipment that was created by Jem Schofield with Westcott and bears theC47 name. Links are to theC47's affiliates. If you do make a purchase using these links it doesn't cost you any more than if you bought the item/s directly from the reseller and it helps support theC47 so we can continue to create free content for everyone!

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theC47 DP KIt... 



thec47 Book Light Kit...



Below are four videos that show the set-up and some typical uses for theC47 Book Light and theC47 DP Kits.


Here's an in-depth preview of Scim Jim Cine and my DP and Book Light Kits that I did at the B&H Theater at NAB 2015 and also three quickly done sneak peek videos with prototypes that show you an overview of the new Westcott Scrim Jim Cine system and go over theC47 DP and Book Light Kits that I designed...

This is just the start to what will become a comprehensive list of equipment and gear for all types of production.