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The content contained on web site and on external site channels for theC47 such as YouTube and Vimeo is copyrighted & owned by Jem Schofield, theC47 LLC (an educational brand focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking), and its licensors. This includes written content, articles, code, images and video. The content contained herein can be linked to from external web sites but the content should not be altered, copied, downloaded or distributed (in whole or in part), without prior written permission from theC47 LLC (except for personal, non-commercial use). Jem Schofield and theC47 work very hard to produce quality educational content for viewers and readers. As the content on is provided free to all please respect this and if you are aware of any copyright infringement please use theC47 Contact Form.


Links to products on web site and theC47 YouTube channel are to affiliates of theC47 (AbelCine, B&H Photo Video and Amazon). There is no additional cost to a buyer if they purchase products using these links and those purchases help theC47 continue to create free content for all. Everybody wins!

Content on theC47 is not aggregated content. It is created by Jem Schofield and theC47.

Affiliate sales are one of the mains ways that theC47 will be able to create this free and ongoing content for the site. 


As outlined in the Sponsors Section of the web site, these are companies that theC47 has relationships with that provide equipment or software solutions that help support the educational efforts of theC47 (for both online and offline training efforts). Equipment, software and service licenses are provided in one of three ways. The first is short term loans. The second is long term loans (generally until a replacement product is released to the market). The third is permanent. Please read the Sponsors Section for more information.


Content contained in the Articles section of the web site (which include a mix of copy and video), is non-paid content and is the opinion of Jem Schofield and theC47. Equipment and/or software based solutions discussed or used in those articles may be provided by Sponsors of theC47 but the articles are not paid for by them and they are objective.

Occasionally theC47 may provide the final article, prior to publication, to the company or companies whose products or services are discussed therein to make sure that there are no technical inaccuracies contain in the article. This is done as a courtesy as the content is oftentimes highly technical and theC47 wants to make sure that the information contained in an article is as accurate as possible.


To provide ongoing and free content on, the theC47 web site may include paid advertisements on the sidebar section of the site. These ads are only to companies and/or products that theC47 has used and believes in. They are not accepted and added solely for financial return. 


Occasionally theC47 creates video based content for and external web sites like theC47 YouTube and Vimeo Channels which is sponsored educational content. The content may feature specific equipment and/products but will always be focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking. This content will not be advertising or marketing based. All sponsored, video based content by theC47 will include a pre and/or post roll which will include the sponsor's logo/s.