This is theC47's video-based "stream of thoughts." All about production, the industry, equipment & craft.

If you've been a long time visitor to theC47 you might be looking for older episodes "gearbox." Many of those can be found on theC47's YouTube Channel. A lot of the content is older but some of it may be relevant to what you're trying to learn or figure out.

Videos have been and will be the majority of content that's created on theC47. There's no better way, online at least, to show how something works or how it's done. As time goes on this section will grow, A LOT, as will theC47's YouTube Channel. Enjoy!


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Below are links to the videos I reference in this episode. Stuff for Canon, Zeiss and my "Cinematic Video Lighting" course. Links to products are all in the EQUIPMENT section of the web site.

C300 Mark II Video Tutorial Series
Brooklyn Phono Documentary Short
Matt Porwoll C300 Mark II Series
Zeiss Lens Family Series
Canon 18-80mm Compact-Servo Video
Cinematic Video Lighting Course


Chatting about creative inspiration from Japan.

Sub 10K Camera TALK

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Note: While I'm not talking about the C300 Mark II in this video, I'm sure I'll be creating lots of content around that camera as well. I believe it's truly targeted at the a different market and we'll see what that's all about when it's released. It's definitely built for future workflows as well such as Rec.2020

Westcott Top Pro Tour Atlanta (September 24th)
Sony PXW-FS5
RED Raven Info Via News | Shooter

New web site & Postapalooza 2015

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Cinematic Lighting Workshop Power-Up!
Postapalooza 2015
Postapalooza Registration (only $50 extra for my Cinematic Lighting Power-Up)

Note: There are many more equipment sections that will be added in the next week or two. I just need time to set them up.


A look at Switronix's Hypercore batteries and charging system.

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Switronix Hypercore Batteries


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Izotope RX 4
Switronix Hypercore Batteries

Note: We ran the Westcott Flex off of the Switronix 150WH Hypercore betteries for both days (actually batteries but they are better batteries!). They performed flawlessly and we could run for almost 3 hours at full power on each of them.  


Besides my normal teaching gigs that take up most of my time at NAB, I am also running around and sitting on discussion panels and making on floor presentations in the Central Hall.

Here are a few of them...