theC47 is all about video production, filmmaking, consulting and education. It was started in 2009 by Jem Schofield who is a producer, director, DP and educator.

We provide production and post-production to a wide variety of clients and also provide consulting (product design), and educational content creation services in the areas of production & filmmaking. We are specialists in the area and have produced ongoing content for companies such as AbelCine, Canon, Westcott & Zeiss.


theC47 also has a dedicated YouTube Channel focused on content related the craft of video production and filmmaking. Topics relate to production and what Jem is doing as a producer, DP, product designer, educator and all around curious tinkerer. Basically it covers Camera, Lighting, Composition, Camera Movement, Lighting Control and anything else that interests him that is related to production that has educational value.

Here's are a few sample episodes so you can get an idea of what the channel is all about. If you like it, please head over to theC47 YouTube Channel and subscribe. It's free and the more subscribers the channel gets the more time we can dedicate to creating free educational content for the community!

theC47 YouTube Channel...


This Documentary Short that I produced and directed was part of a Canon C300 Mark II Series featuring my good friend Matt Porwoll.

Here's a link to the entire series that I produced...