Jem Schofield is a producer, DP and educator and the founder of theC47 (a full service production company that focuses on video production, filmmaking, consulting & education). He spends most of his time producing content, educating others and otherwise being borderline obsessed with cameras, lighting and the craft of storytelling.

For over 20 years Jem has produced projects for an ever expanding client base. Current and past clients include AbelCine, Apple, Inc., ARRI, Canon, Corus Entertainment, MAC Group, NBCUniversal, NPR, Riverbed Technologies, Scottish Enterprise, Sony, TED, The Vitec Group, Walmart Films, Westcott, YouTube & Zeiss.

Jem is also an equipment design consultant to many manufacturers in the film and television industry. Most recently he designed theC47 DP Kit & theC47 Book Light Kit (geared towards corporate, in-house and small to no crew productions), which is based on Westcott's Scrim Jim Cine system. 

His in-depth lighting courses, “Cinematic Video Lighting” and “Advanced Cinematic Video Lighting” are currently available on Lynda.com

If you'd need video production services, consulting (on production or equipment design & development), or would like theC47 to produce educational content for your company or have theC47 provide on-site production based training for you or your company, please fill out theC47 Contact Form.